CONCERT REVIEW: KMFDM – Morlocks Live at Brooklyn Bowl 

KMFDM doing it again. This time it was at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia. 

One of the more prolific Industrial bands, KMFDM has a reputation for releasing an album every one and a half years and touring in support of that album shortly after that. This year marks the fortieth year of touring and their twenty-third album entitled Let Go (Metropolis Records, read our review here). The band’s longevity can be attributed to their Synthpop-infused Industrial sound and connection with the audience. Band members are often readily accessible to the crowd before and after the show, something that is pretty rare in this day of paid Patreon accounts. Continue reading


KMFDM is celebrating forty years of conceptual continuity with the release of their  twenty-third album Let Go (Metropolis Records). Let’s give that one some thought. Forty years holding to a musical concept throughout 23 albums is an achievement not many bands of their ilk can boast, as how many of their peers are this prolific? The sticking point on Let Go might be how continuous that concept is, and at what point are we weighing it against? Continue reading