EP REVIEW: Alluvial – Death Is But A Door

Atlanta-based Alluvial hit the scene running in 2017 with their independently released full-length debut The Deep Longing For Annihilation, a wholly instrumental Death Metal record which caught the ears of the mighty Nuclear Blast Records, who subsequently snapped them up for their follow up Sarcoma in 2021. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Serration – Simulations Of Hell


Scientists generally agree that the Big Bang, which occurred roughly 13.7 billion years ago, kick-started the creation of the universe as we know it today. Well, now we also know what the Big Bang sounded like.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Not Being a Spammer

I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, but please don’t spam people when trying to promote your band. It’s amazing to me how much this continues to happen even years into ongoing social media domination of the universe. I want to break down common annoying types of spam and how hit people up productively instead. Continue reading

BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Finding Collaborators

A lot of you folks want to do collaborations. This is great. They are an awesome, proven way to grow your band. The issue is that most folks have no clue how to identify who to do this with. I wanted to talk some time to help you to better understand how to find people for collaborations.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on 3 More Ways to Engage Your Community

So I’m always telling people that they need to spend more time engaging with their community, but often people don’t understand what that means. It’s tricky to explain to people exactly how engaging with their community looks, especially in the COVID era – so I wanted to break down 3 COVID friendly community engagement strategies.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Marketing Lessons from KISS

There are few bands who have really maintained the longevity and vision of KISS. For nearly fifty years now they have been one of the biggest bands in the world. They defined multiple generations of rock fans and even now in an era of live streams are pushing the envelope to craft some of the most impressive content in the field. So what are the lessons we can take from KISS?

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on 3 Ideas to Email Your List

Everyone seems to know that they need to be sending emails to their email list, but they don’t know what to write. I wanted to break this down for you in a simple and easy way so that we could sit down and analyze some of the most effective types of emails that you can write to foster a relationship with your fans.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Consistency and Your Content

Did you know the average YouTuber with 1 million views has 3,873 videos uploaded? That for the average person to reach 100k subscribers they need to upload 1,171 videos? This shit isn’t easy. In fact – it is quite difficult. This is why consistency is key.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon’s TikTok For Bands and Labels: A Primer

TikTok is a really interesting and exciting platform. Unfortunately, most bands and labels have absolutely no clue how to use it. With this short primer, I hope to demystify the platform for those of us who are DIY lifers.

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BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on How to Pitch Music Festivals

As the year of COVID-19 seems to come to a close and we begin to have hope for a better future bands are once more starting to ask me how to pitch to festivals. I realized that I haven’t written an article on this in a good long while, and would love to help show you guys the light.

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