Dismember, Benediction, Martyrdöd, Nuclear Assault, Rotten Sound, General Surgery And More Booked For Scandinavia Deathfest 2019

From the team that brought you Maryland Deathfest, Quebec Deathfest, California Deathfest and, we now have a Scandinavia Deathfest! It makes almost too much sense, as the region has been the birthplace of some of the greatest bands and albums of the metal genre. Right off the bat, headlining the festival are the reunited original-LAEFS-lineup of Dismember are making an exclusive European appearance. Other bands confirmed are Benediction, Birdflesh, Centinex, Death Toll 80k, Demilich, Demonical, Entrails, General Surgery, Interment, Iron Lamb, Martyrdöd, Massgrav, Nuclear Assault, Purtenance, Putrid Vision, Rippikoulu, Rotten Sound, Sarcasm, Soils of Fate, Sorcery, Toxaemia, Unanimated, Undergang, and Wombbath. Taking over Stockholm on October 11-12 at Kraken Sthlm and Slaktkyrkan. , 2019, the ticket information can be found below. Weekend passes go on sale today!

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Entrails – World Inferno

I’ve mentioned before (and will again – us writers, like bands, have our favoured phrases we come back to, like the metaphoric pooch returning to its gut-chunks), but predictability is underrated. And a bloody good thing, too, at times, because back for the fifth time of asking, and spilling their fetid guts for the baying hordes in time honoured Sunlight styled fashion, is Sweden’s Entrails with World Inferno (Metal Blade).Continue reading

Entrails Release Two New Songs From World Inferno

Entrails will be unleashing their fifth studio album, World Inferno, on June 16th via Metal Blade Records. What can we expect? Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist said this, “I am damn proud to finally unleash this nasty beast, A new chapter is written for Entrails to satisfy all old school maniacs out there. Having new blood in the band, Martin and Tommy, helped making this fifth album the rawest and heaviest to date. Prepare yourself to stretch out your neck in full headbanging!

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Entrails – Obliteration


Long regarded the simple cousin of the Extreme Metal family, Death Metal has been undergoing something of a late-stage renaissance recently, with bands developing in more abstract and avant-garde directions, bringing in influences from Noise, Dark Ambient and more dissonant styles of music.

Entrails want it to be known that they have absolutely nothing to do with that at all.

Just in case the album title and artwork don’t make it clear enough, the music on Obliteration (Metal Blade) wastes absolutely no time in punching you repeatedly in the face. Despite what you might imagine from their rather… ah… shameless logo, Entrails are not a straight tribute to one band, but rather a mix of highlights from the more straightforwardly aggressive American and Swedish Death Metal bands of the last twenty-odd years.

Riffs are the main currency here – big, gnarly, ever-so-slightly-Motorhead-y riffs backed by thunderous blasts and that growled but audible style of Death Metal vocals that seems less popular these days than the gurgling-sewage type. The song-writing is simplistic but effective, and often more varied than you might expect, exploring tempo and pace without ever softening up their attack. A sharp, powerful modern production helps greatly, wisely eschewing the muddiness many “old school” Death Metal bands feel that they’re obligated to stick with because the bands that influenced them couldn’t afford any better.

There’s nothing on Obliteration you haven’t already heard before – no envelopes are pushed, no boundaries are broken, all expectations are left firmly unchallenged – but it’s delivered with sufficient skill, power and intent that if you’ve got any interest at all in defiantly non-progressive Death Metal that’s not interested in anything other than punching you repeatedly in the face you’ll welcome the experience.



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Audio: Entrails – Midnight Coffin

Swedish death metallers Entrails (Birdflesh, General Surgery) is streaming “Midnight Coffin” off of their new album Obliteration, out May 19, 2015 via Metal Blade Records here.

The album was tracked by Jimmy Lundqvist at Bloodshed Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets etc.) at Unisound.