GWAR, Exodus and General Surgery Pull Out of Full Terror Assault Festival

Full Terror Assault Festival, slated for September, is in trouble. The festival just lost it’s two headliners and one of its other frontline bands. The fifth annual festival is to take place this year, the first of its kind, “open air” European style metal festival. GWAR, Exodus, and General Surgery has all announced they will not perform at the festival since they are all canceling all of their 2020 shows. They were to have announced more bands for the fest this week and they still might as the location for the fest reopened recently. The festival has launched a private survey for fans to gauge if the fest should carry on or not. Also slated to appear are M.O.D., War Curse, ground, Shock Narcotic, Extinction A.D., Axeslasher, Duskwalker, Escuelagrind, Pillory, and many more at Hogrock Campground, at Cave In Rock, Illinois September 9 -11th. FOundr Joey Bee will also join the Most Epic Adventures show with Robb Zip on Thursday for a live Q & A with an update at 6:30 CST.

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Dismember, Benediction, Martyrdöd, Nuclear Assault, Rotten Sound, General Surgery And More Booked For Scandinavia Deathfest 2019

From the team that brought you Maryland Deathfest, Quebec Deathfest, California Deathfest and, we now have a Scandinavia Deathfest! It makes almost too much sense, as the region has been the birthplace of some of the greatest bands and albums of the metal genre. Right off the bat, headlining the festival are the reunited original-LAEFS-lineup of Dismember are making an exclusive European appearance. Other bands confirmed are Benediction, Birdflesh, Centinex, Death Toll 80k, Demilich, Demonical, Entrails, General Surgery, Interment, Iron Lamb, Martyrdöd, Massgrav, Nuclear Assault, Purtenance, Putrid Vision, Rippikoulu, Rotten Sound, Sarcasm, Soils of Fate, Sorcery, Toxaemia, Unanimated, Undergang, and Wombbath. Taking over Stockholm on October 11-12 at Kraken Sthlm and Slaktkyrkan. , 2019, the ticket information can be found below. Weekend passes go on sale today!

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Netherlands Deathfest Is Less Than Six Months Away!


With California Deathfest in the rearview, the team behind Maryland Deathfest turns its attention to already completed Netherlands Deathfest event next March, less than six months away. Details below: Continue reading

Audio: Entrails – Midnight Coffin

Swedish death metallers Entrails (Birdflesh, General Surgery) is streaming “Midnight Coffin” off of their new album Obliteration, out May 19, 2015 via Metal Blade Records here.

The album was tracked by Jimmy Lundqvist at Bloodshed Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets etc.) at Unisound.

Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy


I’ll let you in on a secret – reviewers hate getting albums like Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin) in their to-do pile. Not because they’re bad (far from it – it is an absolute master-class in what it does), but because there’s little to say about them. If you think Symphonies of Sickness (Earache) -era Carcass with a thick dose of 90’s American Death Metal is a good idea, absolutely buy this album right now.

No? I’m not allowed to just stop there?

Okay, journalistic trick to fill space number 1 – background details. Putrid Offal are a French Grind/Death band who put out a series of well-regarded EPs, splits and demos in the early 90’s but failed to achieve more than marginal underground success and vanished within a few years. After returning in 2014 with an EP and compilation, they’ve finally put out their debut full-length, only twenty-five years since they started, consisting entirely of previously released tracks, rerecorded in 2015.

Rerecording older material is generally frowned upon and rightly so, but Putrid Offal 2015 lend these songs not only a sharp, savage modern production – a great example of how a skilled producer can give an Extreme Metal band clarity and power without stripping away any of the dirt or ugliness that they need – but the total confidence and focus of men who are twenty-five years older and know exactly what they’re doing.

What does it sound like? The press release mentions “Early-Carcass, General Surgery, Necrony, Pathologist, Dead, Cock And Ball Torture”so Carcass, then? Like General Surgery they hybridise their Symphonies Of Sickness worship with a thick vein of Death Metal, but unlike their Swedish peers they turn to the thick, suffocating gut-punch of classic American Death Metal rather than the punk-fuelled charge of Entombed. Don’t expect to hear anything new here (even the playful touches of keyboards and chanting that appear amongst the violence on several tracks have been done before), but I haven’t heard it done this well in a long time.

So… If you think Symphonies…-era Carcass with a thick dose of 90’s American Death Metal is a good idea, absolutely buy this album. Will that do now?


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