ALBUM REVIEW: Understand – Real Food At Last


Essex (UK) Hardcore group Understand formed in 1992 and in their initial run fitted in an EP, a promising debut Burning Bushes and Burning Bridges, lots of buzz, and an underground following. Their relationship with the previous label East/West dissipated and during ‘98 they had some tracks in the can and were looking for a new home but alas things fizzled out in before the end of the century

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Watch a New Animated Video for Pantera Deep Cut “By Demons Be Driven”

Pantera has shared a new animated music video for their 1992 song “By Demons Be Driven” from their classic album Vulgar Display of Power (East-West/Atco). The video focuses on El Chupacabra monster myth of Puerto Rico and other latinx cultures. Check out the clip right now! Continue reading

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Pantera’s “Reinventing The Steel” Turns 20

What happens when a band hits maturity? It’s bound to happen to all the bands you love. It’s definitely hard for some fans to accept when their favorite band, was once new and youthful have become the elder statesmen of the scene. Some bands also struggle to come to terms with aging and changing. Others try and recapture their earlier sounds, while others strive to evolve. This is what happened to Pantera twenty years ago when they created their album Reinventing The Steel (East/West). Continue reading