Lord Mantis Streams New Single – “Qliphotic Alpha”, New Album Incoming

Midwestern Sludge metallers Lord Mantis (members of Cobalt, Abigail Williams, Indian etc) will release their new album Universal Death Church on November 22nd via Profound Lore. They just streamed a new single, ‘Qliphotic Alpha’ which you can hear below. The new album follows their 2016 EP NTW and their last full-length, 2014’s Death Mask.

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Roadburn Festival Kicks Off Today, John Baizley Of Baroness Curates The Weekend


The Roadburn Festival, the world première event for all things heavy, diverse, avant-garde, and underground begins today in Tilburg, NL  at various venues, under the watchful eye of founder Walter Hoeijmakers. John Dyer Baizley of Baroness curates this years’ fest and performs with his band as well. The fest is nearly a sellout with some limited tickets available for Sunday. Full details below. Continue reading

Fashion Week To Release New Album Next Month, European Dates Booked

New York noise-rock band Fashion Week has announced their next album So Last Season, due out this March on their own label InDebth Recordings. Details belowContinue reading

Roadburn Adds Whores, Integrity, Bongnzilla, Oathbreaker, Cobalt, Disfear, Trans AM And More

Whores, by Photography

Whores, by Jonathan Arevalo Photography

This year’s Roadburn Festival just gets better and better. The fest has now added twenty new bands such as Whores, Integrity, Cobalt, Bongnzilla, Disfear, Big Business, Trans AM and more. More details below: Continue reading

Maryland Deathfest XI- @ The Former Sonar Compound & Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD

MarylandDeathFestLogoWhere to begin with this sordid tale of sadness, drunken debauchery, tears and fear? Ye gods, I don’t even know if a particular portion would even be safe to publish, but in the name of faux journalists everywhere, I must report the meager yet revealing details of the extracurricular activities, including my own spiritual and mental degradation over the course of a most rock’n’roll weekend where more booze entered my body than any other substance, including (but not limited to) food and weed. So, after a brutal nine hour drive through capricious weather (thanks, Poseidon) with only the radio and a Tenacious D CD to anoint our battered souls and posting up at the wondrous Sheraton in order to stage our siege on the unsilent streets of the ‘More, we re-acquainted ourselves with the hilly and alien climes, as we had been here before (myself being deployed a second time), no stranger to its seething underbelly of prostitution, drugs, and all-around degeneracy. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And join ’em we did, but more on that later.Continue reading