Hellfest 2024 Books Metallica, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head, Body Count, Biohazard, Mr. Bungle and More

Hellfest, held every year just outside of Paris, in Clisson, France, continues to up the ante every year with forever growing and impressive lineups! Taking place from June 27 to June 30, 2024, Hellfest will once again be four days long and over 200 bands appearing on six stages. For 2024, the headliners for each night will be Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head, Metallica, and Foo Fighters. The full daily lineups, including one more major band tba, and the ticket link are coming soon!

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MY FAVORITE CONCERT MEMORY: Joel Quartuccio of Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean just released their slamming new album Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story! and are currently getting ready for a month of dates for their new European tour kicking off on November 1st. Joel Quartuccio has checked in with not one, but two of his favorite concert memories ever in a guest post for Ghost Cult! Continue reading

Caliban- Elements

With around twenty years and now eleven albums to their name, it is safe to say that Caliban are Metalcore stalwarts. Yet they remain one of the genre’s overlooked, even near forgotten, names. Having never reached the commercial success or the attention levels of the likes of a Killswitch Engage back in the day, the current resurgence in Metalcore today still sees them majorly overshadowed whilst While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men and others ascend, even as far as to arena level in the latter’s case. Nevertheless, Caliban has always proven to be a reliable entity who continuously deliver strong (if not ground-breaking nor game-changing) material, with The Undying Darkness (All Blacks) and Say Hello To Tragedy (Century Media) being particularly strong efforts.Continue reading

Caliban’s “Before Later Becomes Never” Features CJ McMahon Of Thy Art Is Murder

Caliban‘s new album will feature guest appearances by Brian “Head” Welch, Eskimo Callboy and CJ McMahon, and today they’ve premiered a video for the brutal track featuring Thy Art Is Murder‘s front man. Continue reading

Eskimo Callboy – Crystals


Germany is renowned for its unique music scene, with bands such as Rammstein, We Butter The Bread With Butter and Caliban causing a storm in both the UK and US. Eskimo Callboy are no exception, and since their formation in 2010 they have amassed a loyal fan base, which consists of over 148,000 Facebook fans. As a metal music fan it would be easy to instantly dismiss Eskimo Callboy as just another scene kid ‘electrocore’ band, but if their popularity is something to go by, they are definitely doing something right.

Opening track ‘Pitch Blease’ gives you an instant indication of their musical direction: their fusion of harsh vocals, singing and synths is easily reminiscent of the MySpace era. The lyrical content features themes such as getting drunk, partying and having sex, with the band themselves referring to their music as ‘porno metal’. If you are over the age of eighteen, listening to Eskimo Callboy will probably bring back cringe-inducing memories, such as having an emo fringe, wearing studded belts and plastic ‘shag band’ bracelets.

Musically, the screaming vocals are actually quite impressive. The fusion of screaming and clean vocals is nothing new, but Sushi and Kevin’s contrasting singing styles work well together. The main problem with Eskimo Callboy’s music is the disorientating and rushed synth-backing, which is especially apparent in ‘My Own Summer’. The repetitive “go, go, go” is easily reminiscent of tacky dance music remixes, and the constant synth beats are almost headache-inducing.

If you are looking for a new metal band to listen to, you should probably steer well clear of Eskimo Callboy – their music is definitely an acquired taste. However, if you are a fan of electronic/synth-based alternative music, then the German sextet will probably appeal to you.

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Emmure Cancel Upcoming Euro Tour Due To Illness To Frontman


Emmure is no longer doing their UK/European The Mosh Lives Tour with Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder and Sworn In, due to band frontman Frankie Palmeri’s health issues from having severe acute and chronic reflux laryngitis and a particially paralyzed left vocal chord, and returning to the stage prematurely. The band issued a statement on the matter:

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we must cancel our upcoming EU/UK touring plans with Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder and…

Posted by Emmure on Friday, April 10, 2015

Caliban Streaming “nebeL”


Caliban is streaming their new lyric video for “nebeL,” their first song completely sung in their native German tongue with guest vocals from Callejon’s BastiBasti, here.

Caliban will hit the road again with Bury Tomorrow, Dream On Dreamer and Any Given Day in January.

+ Bury Tomorrow, Dream On Dreamer, Any Given Day
Jan 13: Markthalle – Hamburg (D)
Jan 14: Zeche – Bochum (D)
Jan 15: X – Herford (D)
Jan 16: Entrepot – Brugge (B)
Jan 17: Caserne Fonck – Liege (B)
Jan 18: Dynamo – Eindhoven (NL)
Jan 19: Musikcentrum – Hannover (D)
Jan 20: Schlachthof – Bremen (D)
Jan 21: C-Club – Berlin (D)
Jan 22: Factory – Magdeburg (D)
Jan 23: F-Haus – Jena (D)
Jan 24: Posthof – Linz (AT)
Jan 25: Hirsch – Nürnberg (D)
Jan 26: Kantine – Augsburg (D)
Jan 27: Musiktheater – Kassel (D)
Jan 28: Batschkapp – Frankfurt (D)
Jan 29: Substage – Karlsruhe (D)
Jan 30: Kofmehl – Solothurn (CH)
Jan 31: Les Trinitaires – Metz (F) (Caliban only)

Caliban on Facebook

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