ALBUM REVIEW: Five Finger Death Punch – AfterLife

It doesn’t seem more than a riff or two ago that Five Finger Death Punch was on the cusp of being the biggest thing in Metal (heavy, groove, mainstream or otherwise). The Wrong Side of Heaven… collectives weren’t even cooling in the racks before flying off the shelves, and the band’s touring ethic saw them upgrading on venue size each time around, building a reputation of power and excellence, and a setlist to shame all but the legends. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Ellefson – No Cover

Cover songs can be tricky. A balancing act that often results in calamity. Lean too far one way and be accused of musical blasphemy; keep things too safe and be reliably informed you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. So with that in mind, surely an album consisting entirely of cover versions is just asking for trouble, isn’t it?Continue reading

Five Finger Death Punch Parts Ways with Jason Hook, Welcomes in Andy James on Guitar

Jason Hook is out of Five Finger Death Punch and the band has announced the addition of YouTube shredder Andy James to their ranks, according to a press release. The parting is said to be amicable and Hook acknowledged the split on social media a day earlier. Hook, who had health issues last year that kept him off the road, released a comment on the matter. The band’s most recent studio album, F8, was released earlier this year and boasts two #1 hits to date, “Inside Out” and “A Little Bit Off”. “Living The Dream”, the latest single, with an official video for the song expected to premiere globally Thursday 10/15.

Continue reading

Scale The Summit – “Witch House” Video Featuring Angel Vivaldi Released

Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi, and Andy James will be kicking off “The 2017 Guitar Collective Tour” tonight at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. To help get fans more exciting for the remaining dates, Scale The Summit and Angel Vivaldi have premiered their face melting new ‘Witch House’ video online. Continue reading

Angel Vivaldi & Andy James Release Their “Wave Of Synergy” Video, European Tour Announced

Angel Vivaldi and Andy James are teaming up for a must see European tour in September and October. During the trek, the two guitarists will be holding joint VIP guitar clinics, which include a Q&A, meet + greet, and much more. To help get fans more excited for the upcoming dates, the shredtastic duo has premiered their new video for ‘Wave Of Synergy’ online today. Continue reading