Top 5 Ways to Cope with Online Education Challenges

Online education has become a prevalent mode of learning for thousands of students all over the world. Impact of online education on student motivation has many negative aspects. While it offers flexibility and convenience, it also presents unique challenges that students must overcome to succeed. In this article, we will discuss the top five ways to cope with these challenges and make the most out of your online learning experience.Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Face-to-Face Classes in 2023

Analyzing the contemporary educational sphere, it is impossible to deny that face-to-face learning remains one of the most widely used and preferred educational methods. However, after the outburst of COVID-19 and a plethora of other issues, distance learning has become a worthy alternative. As mentioned in the article, the educational sphere has been influenced a lot, decreasing the efficiency and relevance of the traditional studying methods. Continue reading

PREVIEW: New Music Friday – New Rock and Metal Releases Preview 9-29-23


What new Rock and Metal records are you looking forward to this week?

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Mayhem Kicks Off North American Tour Promoting New Live Album – New Dates Added

Mayhem has just hit the road for its North American tour with Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, and Blood Incantation. The band has also added two new dates without Cannibal Corpse. The live run is in support of new live album, Daemonic Rites, out last week on Century Media Records. Keep reading below for listings, purchase information, and more.

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Barbarian (2022) Movie Explained (Plot And Ending Explained)

Curiosity often leads us to the most unexpected places, and in the movie Barbarian, that curiosity takes center stage. The film follows the journey of two houseguests who quickly realize they’ve been double-booked for their stay. However, what begins as a mere mix-up soon escalates into a spine-chilling discovery. Here is what you need to know about Barbarian (2022) – plot and ending explained. Warning – spoilers ahead. Just pay people to do your homework now and watch a movie before reading the review.Continue reading

How To Shoot A Music Video For Your New Song

Shooting a music video is an exhilarating creative journey that brings your song to life visually. It’s a chance to showcase your unique style, personality, and musical vision while captivating your audience. Whether you have a big budget or a shoestring one, the key to a successful music video lies in careful planning, creative storytelling, and effective execution. This guide will walk you through the basic steps, from concept development to final editing.Continue reading

Thy Art is Murder Fires CJ McMahon, New Album Out Now


Thy Art is Murder has fired controversial vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon and replaced him on their new album Godlike with an as yet unnamed new front person. The album was released today via Nuclear Blast Records as a surprise with the new vocalist. CJ was fired for his recent transphobic comments and a history of other issues, setting him at odds with the band.

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Watch Pro-Shot Video of Metallica Performing “72 Seasons” from the M72 World Tour

Metallica kicked off the North American leg of the 2023 M72 World Tour on Friday, August 4th at MetLife Stadium! The band played selections from their recent album 72 Seasons (Blackened Recordings) deep cuts, and hits. The band will continue their tour this weekend with their rescheduled show in Glendale, Arizona in including an extended pop-up shop from their M72 Takeover Weekend! Read our review of the kickoff night of the tour here. Watch a pro-shot video of the band performing “72 Seasons” live!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Head Cleaner – The Extreme Sound Of Truth


For ten years, Head Cleaner stewed in the grindcore pot, leaving fans wondering what was in store next. The product of that decade of inactivity is an eleven-track, sub-twenty-five-minute onslaught that eloquently calls back to the origins of grindcore and the pioneers who paved the way for such an extreme sub-genre.

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