Bacon Bloody Bacon: Matt Bacon on Reaching Video Content Supremacy

Hard to believe that I haven’t covered this here – it’s one of the most important things in the music industry after all. Video content is the key to hacking visibility and getting more people to check out what you have to do. Obviously, I’m someone who has made a lot of money over the years with his video content, but I want to assure you – I am not the only one whom can be productive with his use of video content. All bands can get more traction by creating video content and I am going to delve into a bunch of it, figuring out how to help you generate value and to dig deeper into the world of the heavy underground. Having video is probably the single most important thing that your band can do in 2019 and watching the bands who get this grow is going to be really exciting. Watching the ones who can’t hang fall apart is going to be a telling turn of events or those of us searching for some sort of answer to this grim spectacle. Continue reading

Bacon’s Blogs: Matt Bacon On How To Engage Your Fans Non-Stop

Here’s something that a lot of bands struggle with that is ultimately going to lead to a lot of frustration if they don’t maintain it. This is the idea of having to maintain a social media presence even if nothing is happening for your band. This is admittedly one of the hardest things to do in the music industry and something that you are going to find yourself scrabbling with tooth and nail for. That all being said – understanding how to maintain a social media presence through a policy of high engagement is a really effective way to grow your name, get higher outreach and become someone who is going to do stuff that matters and whose bands releases are remembered, respected and appreciated rather than falling apart between releases because no one is paying attention. I know this is problematic given the nature of many bands where one guy is running all the socials and doing all the things – but learning how to deal with this is going to be essential for long-term growth. Continue reading

Bacon Bloody Bacon: Matt Bacon On Engaging Audiences


Hey, so I’m Matt Bacon and I’m honored to be writing for Ghost Cult Magazine. You may already know me from the Dumb & Dumbest podcast graciously hosted on this site, you may also know me from my work as a music industry consultant both for independent bands and labels including Prophecy Productions and Ripple Music. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, just want you to know that you’re probably not gonna like reading this one because I’m going to ask you to do something hard that you are not going to be interested in even attempting – and I don’t blame you, because though the payoff is huge it’s going to suck during the process. What I’m talking about is maximizing your engagement. This means going out and focusing on interacting with everyone who gives a shit about you and engaging with everyone who could potentially give a shit about you. This is a hard one but it’s also one that can actually end up being really rewarding and fun, giving you meaningful experiences that lead to productive long term relationships.

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GUEST POST: Greenleaf Shares Their Top Albums Of 2018

Swedish stoner rock greats Greenleaf were busy in 2018. They released their excellent new opus Hear The Rivers via Napalm Records, toured a ton, and even released a great Pink Floyd cover! Without changing what made them great, the band continues to evolve and grow with their seventh record, and they have much more in store next year. They were also cool enough to share their favorite music of 2018 with you, our readers.

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GUEST POST: Greg and Rob Of Static Tension – Best Albums of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, Greg Blachman and Rob Rom of Static Tension took some time to collectively reflect on their Top 10 releases of the year. The below are their picks, listed in no particular order.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Chris Anderson of Owl Maker – Top Albums Of 2018

With another Guest Post on tap, it’s time to share more of these End of Year lists from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. Chris Anderson of psychedelic Stoner Rock band Owl Maker released their excellent new EP Sky Road earlier this fall. Check out Chris’ Top 10 albums of 2018, in no particular order.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Marius Sjøli of Fauna Timbre – Top Albums Of 2018

As we now countdown to the final few sleeps of 2019, it’s time to share more of these End of Year lists from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. Norwegian dark doom band Fauna Timbre released their excellent new EP, Altering Echoes recently via Red Orchard Records. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Marius Sjøli has shared his eclectic and thoughtful Top 10 albums of 2018.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Joe Naan of Nuclear Blast (UK) – 2018 in Review

As the largest Metal label in the world, Nuclear Blast and it’s subsidiaries (SharpTone and Arising Empires) has a conveyor belt of exceptional talent at their disposal. Joe Naan joined their PR team earlier in the year and has been a regular in our inbox ever since, representing their incredible roster.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Adam Jones From Deathflux – Top Albums Of 2018

Nottingham UK Modern Metal band Deathflux leveled up in their career in 2018, releasing their killer new album, Execrated, and playing a ton of gigs and festivals to support it. Vocalist Adam Jones has shared his top albums of 2018, a heavy yet eclectic mix, with Ghost Cult’s readers.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Simon Glacken of For The Lost PR – 2018 in Review


Simon Glacken has a distinguished, primarily progressively focused roster, that ticks all the Ghost Cult boxes in style. From Post-Rock, to Progressive Metal, to old school Death Metal, representing some of the big-hitting labels (Kscope, Peaceville amongst many others) as well as several interesting, independent acts (Telepathy and Jo Quail, for example) if an album comes in from For The Lost, it is guaranteed quality…Continue reading