ALBUM REVIEW: – This World Is Going To Ruin You

Fresh off an instant classic and a slight name change, have returned with another chaotic work of art entitled This World Is Going To Ruin You (Nuclear Blast). The Boston (yes, I am very biased on this one) hardcore outfit came back swinging in this sophomore release that certainly lives up to its predecessor without being a copy/paste job. While the expected frantic song structures and nu-metal influences are here as expected, I felt an increase of melodic moments in this record, and that is not a disparaging remark at all.

Every track on This World Is Going To Ruin You seriously has a moment that stands out and I found it extremely difficult to keep this short. However, the first released single, ‘The Killing Womb’, is an absolute scorcher and cannot be passed up. If you lived under a rock and missed the debut from Vein(.fm), this is the track that puts together a great sample platter of what exactly you missed and what is to be expected. And if you are not screaming “You won’t make it!” in the breakdown, you have no pulse.

‘Lights Out’ is on the shorter side for the record at a hair over a minute and a half long, but it in no way is limited on intensity. If I could explain this track in a meme, it would be “when the sick riff comes back again, but even slower.” One track that certainly stepped outside of the comfort zone is ‘Magazine Beach’ with a much more mellow guitar riff. It almost feels like a song to nod back at the early 2000’s pop-punk while also sticking to the sound.

I have seen many bands of all genres come and go after an amazing debut and then immediately fizzle out come the second release. is not one of these bands as they have firmly stuck their flag in the ground claiming their space in the hardcore world with the release of This World Is Going To Ruin You. Seriously, do not sleep on this album or this band any longer and get onboard the hype train.

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9 / 10