ALBUM REVIEW: Spelljammer – Abyssal Trip

Funny, before writing this review I had just finished a very interesting conversation about Swedish bands with someone as passionate as I am for Swedish music and we concluded that there must be something about being born in Scandinavia that automatically increases your chances of being good at making music. Spelljammer proves this point with their latest effort Abyssal Trip (RidingEasy Records). An equally catchy, beautiful, heavy, and dark album that brings a scenario that can be only compared as being a collection of Black Sabbath’s darkest, twisted tracks but heavier and more melodic. And it’s impossible not talking about Black Sabbath when talking about a Stoner/Doom Metal band, but this Swedish trio can easily be in the same conversation.

The overall placement of the tracks was beautifully made, this album produces constant cathartic moments with its big riffs and wall of sounds. Its haunting and catchy vocal melodies that makes you wonder if this would’ve been how Ozzy would’ve sounded in the seventies with modern-era production. Vocals in this album take function as a tool that adds nothing more but beautiful layers of sonic waves into a mix of a gorgeous cacophony made by the instrumentalization of the band.

Recommended for fans of bands like both Elder and Dopelord, Spelljammer is another great band coming from the ranks of RidingEasy Records roster which keeps bringing amazing bands out of their catalog. Recommended tracks: the heavy ‘Among The Holy’ with its riffs that will constantly blow your face, the beautiful interlude on ‘Peregrine’ that goes after my favorite and most complete track on the album ‘Abyssal Trip’ which adds up what this album is about. 2021 is coming in hard with amazing releases and this is an album that you want to listen to now.


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8 / 10