ALBUM REVIEW: Helfró – Tálgröf

The emergence of bands like Misþyrming, Svartidauði, Naðra, and Almyrkvi have helped build the foundation of the Icelandic extreme metal scene to come into existence. Aside from the said bands I mentioned, now here we have Helfró as a part of the rising forces of the Icelandic extreme metal scene as well, being the formidable force in the world of Blackened Death Metal that they are.

Helfró is best known for carving their very own path in the metal scene with their relentless aggression, atmospheric soundscapes, and compelling songwriting.

Sophomore release Tálgröf (Season of Mist), appears to be a project inspired by the dark manifestations of the human mind, where they did some visceral exploration on the sickness of humankind through intense rhythmic passages.

On the musical aspect, this album tends to fuse the extremities of traditional death metal together with somber, introspective lyrics – these nine tracks are strong on blast beats, crushing riffs, and haunting melodies; they have successfully managed to showcase their ability to seamlessly blend aggression and atmosphere on this all-round ferocious release that was inspired by the bleakness of Icelandic winters, the mysticism of nature, and the chaos of human experience.

The recurring theme of this album, which happens to be the depths of human experience, is being envisaged in an introspective, thought-provoking way as a means of reflection coming from the band members’ willingness to explore the said depths.

Tálgröf is, in a way, a release that dives deeper into the Death Metal territory while not straying too far from the signature ice-cold climatic tremolo riffs that they presented on their previous release. The aim that Helfró targeted on this release is, presumably, to leave an impact on the realm of extreme music, captivating audiences with their off-kilter branding in the Icelandic metal scene.

Overall, I had an impeccable time listening to the otherworldly passages that
Helfró presented; the chaos of human existence is a profound discourse theme that I enjoy deciphering, especially when it is accompanied by death metal blast beats.


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9 / 10