ALBUM REVIEW: Gravehuffer – NecroEcolosion

The first word that comes to mind when listening to Gravehuffer’s new album NecroEcolosion (Black Doomba Records) is “fun”. Gravehuffer takes us on a journey through many different styles. Their versatility and ability not to be genre bound is on full display with this entry.

The opening track (sorry for the spoiler) starts off with a pro wrestler’s (I won’t name him) intro so, right off the bat you’re like “what the hell am I getting myself into?” It’s not long though before the boom is lowered and we are on our way. This is when the versatility of the band starts to become very apparent taking us through almost every genre and subgenre of metal with later tracks bringing elements of Punk, Hardcore, and even throwing in a good ol’ Rock n Roll banger for good measure.


I definitely dig their “dog from every yard style” taking listeners from the heights of the moon to the depths of the ocean. Ok, so we have probably all heard a million guitar solos in our time right? The solos on this cut through, are slick, crafty, and even a non-guitar head will take notice of the unusual deliveries and sonic exploration. The same old shit was tossed out the window which was groovy to hear. The band also utilizes tones and texture within their music not just using breakneck timing changes or throwing in another breakdown but, coming at us with cool vocal deliveries and even some haunting monk-like backing vocals in one section. I even found the stuff in between the songs enjoyable. I am one of those people who likes stuff like that. It makes the album feel like a non-stop experience.

As I said at the beginning of this review, I thought this album was fun. You can tell the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously letting the good time(hopefully lol) making the album shine through. All in all, I think this is a good metal album and look forward to hearing more stuff from them in the future.

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8 / 10