PODCAST: Glacially Musical 180: Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” – Our Most Controversial Review Yet

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Gravehuffer Shares a New Music Video for “Brainstorm” 

Joplin, Missouri Psychedelic Doom band Gravehuffer has shared a brand new music video for the track “Brainstorm!” The track comes from their new album Depart From So Much Evil, released February 17th via Black Doomba Records. This album follows the acclaimed album NecroEclosion in 2021. The video for “Brainstorm” was made by Metal-O-Mania, and calls to mind the work of Adam Jones of Tool. Watch it now! Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual – Rock and Metal News Show Livestream 7-28-23


Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #interviews #newmusicfriday #metalfestivals #tourdates #metalconcerts #vinylcollector #metalmerch 

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Gravehuffer Shares a New single and a Video for “Blueprint For An Early Grave” 


St. Louis area Psychedelic Doom band Gravehuffer has announced a new album Depart From So Much Evil, releasing February 17th via Black Doomba Records. This will be the first new music from the band since their acclaimed album NecroEclosion in 2021. They just dropped a new single and video for the track  “Blueprint For An Early Grave” – with the video now playing at the Black Doomba Records YouTube page. Watch it now! 


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PODCAST: Glacially Musical Episode #98: Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks with Richie from Gravehuffer

The Glacially Musical Pouredcast is a weekly Podcast that has three principles: Beer, Metal, and Swearing (and also Vinyl, NHL, and other topics)! Hosted by Nik Cameron – grown out of the Glacially Musical blog is all about great music and vinyl collecting. Nik and Keefy are joined by Richie from Joplin, MO Punk/Metal faction  Gravehuffer  for a chaser episode! This week’s topic, favorite movie soundtracks, and scores! 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gravehuffer – NecroEcolosion

The first word that comes to mind when listening to Gravehuffer’s new album NecroEcolosion (Black Doomba Records) is “fun”. Gravehuffer takes us on a journey through many different styles. Their versatility and ability not to be genre bound is on full display with this entry.

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Listen to a Free Rock and Metal Sampler from The Music Marketing Mixer 

To celebrate the holiday’s the Music Marketing Mixer group has released a MASSIVE playlist of some of the best up-and-coming musicians in the hard rock/metal scene. The five and a half hour playlist comes from the members of the group, which is free to join on Facebook, provides music industry marketing advice from industry experts, coaching, free webinars, and coaching for bands and solo artists. Brought to you by The Dumb and Dumbest Podcast, BDWE Media, Dewar PR, Dropout Media, and Ghost Cult Magazine, the group is free to join at this link here. The playlist has over 60 tracks and includes tracks from artists such as Lindsay Schoolcraft, King Gorm, Caustic Casanova, 20 Watt Tombstone, The Inferno Doll, Duncan Evans, Alpha Bootis, Gravehuffer, Gaia Guarda, Casket Robbery, and many more! Jam out to the list here.

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