PODCAST: Glacially Musical 180: Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” – Our Most Controversial Review Yet

Time for our fourth episode on Queen! Hot wax and hot takes about “A Night At The Opera!”

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0:00 Intro Nik and “Keefy Christening”
1:45 Beer ✅ Nik – Surely Brewing and 4 Hands Brewing Voltron, Keefy – Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
6:00 Vinyl ✅ Nik – @inxs – @billyjoel – @blacksabbath , Keefy – @officialsevendust
13:31 ✅ News Nik – RIP Steve Albini, RIP Bernard Hill (King Theoden), Nik’s Stevie Nicks concert review Keefy – RIP Tommy Viator Disincarnate – Omega fest review @biohazard @forbidden
23:37 Shirt ✅ Nik – Gravehuffer, Keefy – Descendents
24:54 Meat ✅ Is Queen’s fourth album any good besides the best songs? Nik and Keefy fight about what makes a good song versus a good Queen song.
1:20:00 ✅ Outro – Please like and subscribe! Tell your friends – we need the help!

This is the “finger fudge pour: