ALBUM REVIEW: Hiverlucide – Abandonne

It’s said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but thanks to the anonymous Parisian duo of Void & Moon, we might soon want to add a third item. Abandonne (Self-Released), the duo’s second album as Hiverlucide, continues the pair’s run (whether as Hiverlucide, Non Serviam or Biollante) of having a new release every few months that’ll defy whatever expectations you might have.  Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: MTVoid (Tool) – Matter’s Knot, Pt.1


Tool’s bassist Justin Chancellor and Polish Alt-Metal outfit Sweet Noise’s frontman Peter Mohamed first met at a European music festival. A shared desire to collaborate in some way or another finally came to fruition in 2013 with MTVoid’s first album, Nothing’s Matter. Now ten years on the pair release their follow up, Matter’s Knot, Pt.1 (Lobal Orning).   

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