ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood –  Back to the Water Below


These days, it’s difficult to find Rock and Roll in its purest form, especially in an era where rock is not king. However, a wave of modern British Invasion bands have produced some acts that have reinvigorated the scene, most notably, Brighton-born rock duo, Royal Blood.  Small but mighty, with an unconventional lineup,  Royal Blood are fueled by the powerful pair Mike Kerr (vocals/bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums/vocals). Over the last decade-plus as a band, they have climbed the ranks with 3 albums: Royal Blood (2014), How Did We Get So Dark? (2017), Typhoons (2021), and now, they welcome their 4th studio album Back to the Water Below via Warner Music. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood – Typhoons

From the moment of Royal Blood’s self-titled debut seven years ago, the Bristolian duo’s rise was meteoric. Their music is simple, brutal, and effective – taking inspiration from Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes and combining big hooks, tasty riffs, and volume to full effect. This beefed-up take on indie rock can only take you so far though, so on the new album Typhoons (Warner Records), they looked toward Dance and Disco to broaden their sound.  Continue reading