ALBUM REVIEW: While She Sleeps – Self Hell

From their formation in 2006 to continuously growing on their timeless brand of Metalcore in 2024, British band While She Sleeps have yet to run out of fuel for their fire. Now three EPs and six albums deep into their career, their new record Self Hell (Spinefarm Records) makes it clear the group is still just getting started.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Kapichi – There Goes The Neighbourhood

Rising from Hastings, England, Punk quartet Kid Kapichi unveils their third album There Goes The Neighbourhood (Spinefarm Records), the blunt and cheeky follow-up to 2022’s Here’s What You Could Have Won. The album maintains the distinct personality the group is known for, utilizing it to present their political ideologies while keeping the music light and fun. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Blind Channel – Exit Emotions

Taking over the charts in their home country, Finnish nu-metal outfit Blind Channel are on the road to spreading that stardom internationally with their fifth album Exit Emotions (Century Media Records). The album expands on their shameless blend of Metalcore, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic and Pop for a sound that is familiar, yet distinct and accessible to a wide range of audiences. Upbeat melodies are accompanied by bouncing and booming riffs, while breakdowns are emphasized with gleaming synth effects. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Bloom — Maybe In Another Life

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, melodic metalcore band Bloom introduces their first album with Pure Noise Records, Maybe In Another Life. While there are undoubtedly some standout tracks on here, they are easy to overlook on first listen. Many of the songs flip flop between exactly the kind of quality melodic hardcore the scene is lacking in, and those sounding like filler tracks from a 2010s metalcore album. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Being As An Ocean – Death Can Wait

It is not every day you come across a band like Being As An Ocean. The Californian genre-benders have always been experts at executing public service announcements in the form of poetic melodic hardcore songs. There are not many artists out there who can consistently put out such lyrically blunt music that still feels more motivational than pessimistic. As their first album to follow the dumpster fire year of 2020, Death Can Wait (Out Of Line Records) is a true test of the band’s longevity in staying true to that defining quality.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Master – Saints Dispelled

It is fitting that 2024 finds the resurgence of death metal gathering even more momentum as death spreads across the globe. Death is a logical progression to the cycle of life, so death metal should be a celebration of this. Paul Speckmann has shown up to this celebration with this 14th album as Master. At sixty, he shows little sign of slowing down. Is it more deliberate than their 1990 album? Yes, but the songwriting is more polished. This album is a study on the roots of death metal, so prepare to take notes, there will be a quiz.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Neck Deep – Neck Deep

There’s no question about it; if you follow modern pop punk, you know what a massive influence Neck Deep has had on the scene for the past decade. Ever since they made Life’s Not Out To Get You, one of the best pop punk albums of the 2010s (dare I say, of all time?), the British rockers have been a prominent staple in pop punk history. Even with the bar set so high, they continued to stack their catalog with upbeat anthems to blast from your car speakers with the windows down.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Polar Sun – Wax –  Wane

Rising from Brighton, United Kingdom, the genre-bending quintet Polar Sun (formerly known as Porshyne) self-release their new album Wax / Wane, which presents a mix of styles from electronic and Jazz to post-Rock and Math Rock. 

Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Erase Theory – The Good Kind

Hailing from Los Angeles, California,
Jeff Sahyoun (ex-guitarist of post-hardcore band letlive.) continues to prove his wide-ranged virtuosity with his new project Erase Theory. Following the self-titled debut EP released in early 2023, the band consolidates their innovative charm with their second EP The Good Kind (Icons Creating Evil Art).

Continue reading