All That Remains – Victim Of The New Disease

It has been a tough time for All That Remains. Less than a month prior to their ninth studio release, Victim Of The New Disease (Razor & Tie) founding member and guitarist, Oli Herbert passed away. Herbert was a key member that created the ATR signature sound. His technical Melodic Metalcore solos have always been memorable and for one last record, he doesn’t disappoint.Continue reading

All That Remains – Madness

I’m pretty good at separating the art from the artist. James Woods’ political leanings aren’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to change the station whenever Videodrome or Casino comes on. I can ignore his tweets and enjoy the work. That’s the approach I took with All That Remains’ latest, Madness (Razor & Tie).Continue reading

Lyric Video: BONZ – Broken Silence


BONZ, the new band featuring original Stuck Mojo singer Bonz and former Primer 55 guitarist/bassist Curt Taylor are streaming a lyric video for the title track of their debut album Broken Silence, out now via Eternal Sounds Records. Watch it below.

The track’s lyrics include many Stuck Mojo songtitles from Bonz’s first tenure in the band which are cleverly crafted into a response to his initial firing from the group, an event that he had never publicly addressed before. He was dismissed from the band in 2006 over alleged substance abuse issues.

The CD features guest appearances by several musicians, including original Primer 55 vocalist Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell and guitar virtuoso Mike Martin (ex-Stuck Mojo, Fozzy).

Broken Silence track listing:
01: Sinister Grin
02: Comes Over Me
03: Godshine
04: Broken Silence
05: 30 Seconds to Swat
06: Take it Personal
07: Sour Diesel
08: Voids
09: Bad News
10: Bad Love