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People tend to think and listen along genre lines. They tell themselves “I enjoy band X, so bands like band X will also be up my alley.” Most of the time, that is a sound way to go, and a good stepping off point in this fast food music culture where we consume a streaming track at a time. Then there is a band like Animals As Leaders. Whether you have never been into the band or bands of this ilk, or have been in deep since ‘CAFO’, AAL is a band that takes all comers by surprise and pays off like a strong drink after a particularly rough week at the office. Continue reading

Percussionist and Visionary Instrument Maker Vic Firth Passes Away At 85

Vic Firth, photo credit

Vic Firth, photo credit

Musician, educator and instrument maker Everett “Vic” Firth has died at age 85, according to his namesake company. Based in Boston MA with stick manufacturing in Newport ME, Vic Firth drumsticks has been a leader in the field of percussion instruments since 1963. The company website paid tribute to their late founder today:


Everett “Vic” Firth 1930-2015

Vic was an inspiration to all of us. He was a visionary, a mentor, a leader and a friend. He always said he surrounded himself with the best people, but the truth is he brought out the best in all of us. His boundless passion for music and musicians drove every decision he made.

Vic’s spirit and legacy will continue to live at the core of the Vic Firth Company. He will be missed beyond words.”


Vic Firth was more than the company figurehead, who oversaw a merger with Zildjian in 2010. He was a well-lauded percussionist in his own right, mastering the tympani. He also was the head of the percussion department at the New England Conservatory of Music and also at the Tanglewood Music Center.

Vic Firth Drum Sticks,

Vic Firth Drumsticks, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics


Vic Firth sticks are the choice for countless drummers from Charlie Watts, Roger Taylor, Vinnie Paul, Carmine Appice, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jack DeJohnette, Matt Garska, and Dave Weckl among many others. Many drummers and fans took to social media to pay their respects.