Skeletonwitch – Well Of Despair

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Fandom is a curious thing. People feel very intense about about a band and sometimes fret when there is a change. Bands change members all the time. That is the nature of people trying to play music for a living under mixed circumstances at the best of times. For thirteen years Skeletonwitch has been one of the most heavy and consistent bands in the American metal scene. They have made some great records, opened tours for major names, and spread their sound around the globe. Fans certainly didn’t want to accept the change when the band suspended and removed former singer Chance Garnette, due to his personal issues, and much chatter on line centered around the future prospects of new music. Cleverly the band didn’t reveal new vocalist Adam Clemans (Wolvhammer) until just recently and now have debuted the first new music with Adam, in the form of new single Well of Despair (Prosthetic).

Although this track s but a small taste of what is to be expected later this year in the form of a full EP, ‘Well of Despair’ was recorded at Baltimore’s Developing Nations with Kevin Bernsten (Noisem, Magrudergrind, Mutilation Rites) earlier this year. Musically the track is as much of a declaration of intent as anything else. Galloping drum beats pound from the speakers. All the things that made Skeletonwitch great, this track has it. It’s a quick slab of brutal thrashy black-metal inspired riffage that is sure to make fans headbang like mad and take notice. Clemmons sounds excellent. He has a gnarly growl and a lung power equal to Chance’s. It will be great to hear him tackle the back catalog during the forthcoming Decibel Tour with Abbath, High On Fire, and Tribulation. But ‘Well Of Despair’ is a powerful introduction to the next phase of the band. If you had any doubts about the future of the band, throw them out the window now!


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Drugs Of Faith Book May Tour With Antigama, Split Seven Inch With Cloud Rat

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Northern Virginia grinders Drugs Of Faith will be doing a brief Northeastern US run with Antigama, as well as releasing a split seven inch with Cloud Rat. They recorded their share for the joint effort at Developing Nations in Baltimore, Maryland with Kevin Bernsten, while Cloud Rat captured their end at Lakebottom Recording House in Toledo, Ohio, with J.C. Griffin. The platter is being finalized now for release in May via Selfmadegod Records. Stream their version of Godflesh’s “Paralyzed” below.

DRUGS OF FAITH Blast the East Coast US Tour w/ Antigama:
May 13: Nihil Gallery – Brooklyn, NY (w/ The Communion, Buckshot Facelift)
May 14: The Funky Jungle – Providence, RI (w/ The Communion)
May 15: Clash Bar – Clifton, NJ (Mildfest) (w/ The Communion, Organ Dealer, Pink Mass, more)
May 16: Second Empire – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Infernal Stronghold)
May 17: TBA – Washington, DC
May 18: Cellar Door – Annandale, VA
May 19: Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
May 20: Main Street Annex – Charlottesville, VA

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Noisem Releasing Blossoming Decay In Spring


Noisem have a tentative Spring release date for their sophomore album Blossoming Decay via A389 Recordings. The album was recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations) with nine songs featured. Check out a preview below.