August Burns Red, Haste The Day, Taproot, It Dies Today Added to Capulet Fest, Full Lineup Now Announced

New England alternative music festival, Capulet Fest, is back. Taking place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut, June 28 – 30, the event will play host to August Burns Red, Skillet, Nothing More, Blessthefall, Haste The Day, Saint Asonia, Taproot, Adelita’s Way, Cold, Lacey Sturm, and many more. Keep reading below for further information.
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Impending Doom – The Sin and Doom Vol II

When it comes to Deathcore, artists only have so many areas to explore with such confined boundaries. Impending Doom has continued to stay within those confines with their blend of “Christian” deathcore. Their latest album, The Sin and Doom Vol II (eOne), maintains this pattern across ten new tracks. Overall, the record is a fun deathcore album instrumentally and vocally which I returned to quite a few times. However, I found lyrically that this band continues to be on the cringe-y side in some tracks more than others.Continue reading

Austrian Death Machine – Triple Brutal


Just when you thought there was nowhere else to go, Austrian Death Machine; the Arnold Schwarzenegger themed band deliver the most beefiest and powerful sounding release to date. They cover everything from Red Sonja to the “maid incident”. From the crushing ‘I’ll Be Back’ all he way to the frenzied ‘It’s Turbo Time’, the production on here makes me wish all albums sounded this full. With the unfortunate situation Tim Lambesis finds himself in, this is likely the last new music from him we will get to enjoy for a while.


As always Lambesis handles the main vocals and a majority of the guitars. He’s damn fine guitarist and his voice just drives this beast. Just naming all the guests vocalist and guitarists on here would fill the review. A few stand out tracks belong to guitarists Doc Coyle on ‘Crom, Grant Me One Request’, and Mark MacDonald on ‘Chill Out Dickwad’ with his theme from The Terminator infused solo. A few of the vocal attacks come from Hatebreed main-man, Jamie Jasta ‘One More Rep’ and Lorenzo Antonucci of Sworn Enemy fame on ‘Pumping and Humping’ Besides the monstrous list of guest guitarists, the real highlight is the rhythm section of Brandon Trahan of Impending Doom and Joe Gericke of Death by Stereo. They are down right thunderous sons of bitches who aren’t pushing any pencils. They need to work together more. My personal favorites are the blast filled ‘I Hope You Left Room in Your Stomach For My Fist’ and ‘I Know Now Why You Cry’.

Oh what a fun ride this album is! Lambesis and company clearly having a blast and it can be heard. They make you want to spend the day watching movies, while working out. I look forward to seeing what they do with the newer Arnold movies someday.



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Omar Cordy