Cave In Streams New Single, New Album – “Final Transmission” Due in June

Cave In has announced their new album, Final Transmission, releasing via Hydra Head Records on June 7th. The band shared a new song, ‘All Illusion’, which you can hear below, and pre-order the album now. The band had reconvened in February of 2018 at their rehearsal space in Boston to work on material for their next record. It had been nearly seven years since their previous album, White Silence, had been released. On March 28th, 2018, bassist Caleb Scofield was killed in an auto accident. There are no words to describe what a devastating blow this was to his wife and children, his friends, family, and bandmates—not to mention his countless fans. The new album contains Caleb’s final compositions and performances with Cave In and even has a haunting vocal performance in the way of a message from Caleb, that opens the album. Continue reading

Cave In Reveals Bonus Tracks On Reissue Of Creative Eclipses

cave in

The bonus tracks on the remastered reissue of Cave In’s Creative Eclipses will be released Tuesday, April 7, 2015 via Hydra Head. It will be available on colored vinyl and will feature the following bonus tracks:

01: Luminance
02: Sonata McGrath
03: Magnified
04: Burning Down The Billboards
05: Sonata Brodsky
06: Luminance (live) (bonus track)
07: Breath Of Water (demo) (bonus track)
08: Widow’s Peak (bonus track)

cave in creative eclipses reissue