Watch Green Jelly Visit a Promoters’ House After They Don’t Get Paid For a Show

In a case of art imitating life, watch Bill Manspeaker, creative genius, “punk rock puppet master” and leader of Green Jelly know on the door of a concert promoter, Marcus’ house in London, Ontario Canada after they got stiffed on a fee for playing a show. Bill even used the famous “Little pig, little pig, let me in!” chorus from their classic MTV hit ‘Three Little Pigs’. They did knock on the wrong door a few times but ultimately got the right guy and a resolution. They threatened to burn all of his possessions if he didn’t pay them. Watch the video now via Worldstar HipHop! Continue reading

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Badgerfest 2019 Live at The Breadshed, Manchester

2019 see’s the third installment of what’s becoming an important event in the calendar for the discerning Heavy Metal connoisseur, BadgerFest. The brainchild of the undeniably hardest working man in the Manchester metal scene John Badger, If any qualification of that were needed, aside from it being reiterated by every band of the weekend, as well as their gratitude as to the smooth running, he’s also running the Drumming up Change in November whereby he’ll be playing the drums for the full sets of all ten bands. There’s hard-working and then there’s John Badger. Continue reading