BOX SET REVIEW: Sabbat – Mad Gods And Englishmen – Noise Records


Considering the roots of speed and thrash metal can be traced back to the UK with bands like Venom and Motörhead, it was the American and European acts that enjoyed the most success during the mid-late eighties. The Big Four were selling records by the bucketload, Germany had its very own “Teutonic Trio” (which would itself eventually expand to a foursome), and even Canada and South America were producing top-quality acts.

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Abhorrent Decimation Reveal All About The Pardoner


In the last few years, amongst a Death Metal scene that is rich and thriving under the surface of wider attention, no band has made a wider impact and begun to hit greater heights than London’s own Abhorrent Decimation; especially in such a short lifespan thus far.Continue reading