ALBUM REVIEW: Voivod – Morgöth Tales 


Although hard rock and heavy metal existed in Canada before the emergence of Jonquière genre dodgers Voivod, the loudest expulsions of northerly rage still generally belonged to disgruntled ice hockey fans and angry moose. While prog legends Rush had already made a name for themselves and acts like Exciter and Anvil were slowly gaining the attention of metal fans across the world, Voivod were about to take Canadian noise to an entirely new level.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Voivod – Synchro Anarchy

Thrash. Post-Thrash. Punk. Speed. Sci-Fi. Industrial. Proto-Industrial. Avant Garde. Space. Alternative. Progressive. Nuclear. Some quite frankly preposterously named musical genres and subgenres, but into all of which Canadian act Voivod has been unwillingly pigeon-holed over the years. Having firmly refused to be anchored to any one particular style, the band has actually become a little more settled of late, their current approach now reined all the way back to just including all of the above and a small handful of others.

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Voivod – The Wake

One of the challenges for any band is the creation of a signature sound; that all-important, defining quality which will make them instantly recognizable above all others. The fact that Canadian proggers Voivod have changed their style so many times over the years (they have been labeled Thrash, Speed, Industrial, Sci-fi, and even Nuclear Metal) yet have always managed to retain their unique identity, is a laudable achievement.Continue reading