Metallica Classic ‘One’ Used In The Trailer For The Punisher On Netflix

Ramping up to the highly anticipated release of the Netflix series The Punisher, a full trailer has been released and it features an edited version of Metallica’s thrash classic ‘One’! Watch the amazing trailer below!Continue reading

Nirvana’s Nevermind Album Turns 25


Do you remember where you were on September 24th, 1991? That is, if you were even alive, since it was a quarter century ago. I was in class at community college in my home town. As usual I was hanging out on the soccer field, guitar in hand, hanging with my usual band of freaks, geeks, stoners, punks, metalheads, and the like. The buzz around campus was this song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ that was not only all over MTV, but also becoming an actual hit song on the radio.

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