INTERVIEW: Hekseblad’s Bruxa on “The Witcher” Themed Black Metal of “Kaer Morhen”

Anticipated is a word that gets thrown around a lot, like the sun also rising after a dark night of the soul. In Black Metal, the soul generally wants to stay in the dark. A long cold night can be fuel for triumphs. Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series contains both hope and ferocious challenges, the perfect inspiration for up-and-coming metal duo Hekseblad’s bombastic sonic exclamations. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Blind Guardian – The God Machine


2019’s fully orchestral concept album Legacy of the Dark Lands aside, it’s been seven long years since Blind Guardian‘s last proper full-length release. Seven years, which more recently included a global pandemic and lockdown periods that for much of the music industry meant nothing but frustration and turmoil, but actually afforded the German power metal act time to concentrate on where to head nextContinue reading