Saint Vitus Bar Celebrates 13 Years with a Video Update

Still, embattled by a shutdown enforced from the New York City Department of Buildings, Saint Vitus Bar shared an update celebrating 13 years in business.The well-recognized most famous metal bar in the world, the owners shared messages of gratitude towards fans bands, and employees. However, there is still no update about the closure and any timeline about reopening. Concerning is the comment that “the situation continues to unfold with new challenges and we are still navigating the path.” Definitely not a ringing endorsement so far for the future. As the same time you can support the club either from supporting the GoFundMe by purchasing the first book about the venue – Saint Vitus Bar: The First Ten Years, An Oral And Visual History, Written And Pieced Together By Esteemed Photographer, Director And Saint Vitus Colleague Nathaniel Shannon. Pre-orders are live at the links below.


Today marks 13 years of Saint Vitus Bar! We thought we’d be celebrating today a little differently, but we wanted to share this quick thank you to everyone who has graced our space with their love for live music, and continues to support what we do.⁠

We wish we had more concrete updates for you, but the situation continues to unfold with new challenges and we are still navigating the path. For a deeper look about how we got here—from the night of the shutdown then back through time showcasing everything we’ve done, represented in a tangible format through the new Saint Vitus Bar Book—click the link for a behind the scenes anniversary clip.⁠

While we are gutted to hit this milestone while being unable to do our thing at our home base, we are proud to finally share the book (which is being sent to our Kickstarter backers first, and available for purchase on our site.) We are also continuing to put on shows at our friends’ spaces, and will see you out there in the crowd. Thanks for 13 years of Vitus, and here’s to the next 13, however they may shape up to look.⁠


Filmed + Produced by Denise Korycki⁠

Featuring clips by @thejondohhshow (Balmora’s set from the 2/16 show) and additional footage from Frank Huang + Stefan Kominsky

Featuring photos by Keith Marlowe (Nirvana 2014) + The First Ten Years Nathaniel Shannon