INTERVIEW: Chris Evans of Lord Dying Discusses “Clandestine Transcendence” and Going Heavier

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Chris Evans of Lord Dying to talk about their new album “Clandestine Transcendence” – out now via MNRK Heavy ! Chris caught us up on changes in the bands’ lineup since their last album, trying new stylistic approaches, concept albums, artwork, and his favorite albums he never gets sick of.



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Watch the video for “The Universe Is Weeping” –


“Clandestine Transcendence” Track Listing:

  1. The Universe Is Weeping
  3. Unto Becoming
  4. Final Push Into The Sun
  5. Dancing On The Emptiness
  6. Facing The Incomprehensible
  7. A Brief Return To Physical Form
  8. A Bond Broken By Death
  9. Break In The Clouds (In The Darkness Of Our Minds)
  10. Soul Metamorphosis
  11. Swimming In The Absence
  12. The Endless Road Home


Lord Dying is:
Erik Olson – vocals/guitar
Chris Evans – guitar
Alyssa Maucere – bass/vocals
Kevin Swartz – drums

Thanks to Liz at Earspliut PR for setting up this chat for us!

Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy:
Editing by Omar Cordy:
Theme music by Salted Wounds:


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