Iconic Brooklyn Metal Club Saint Vitus Bar Closed Indefinitely by The New York City Department of Buildings

In a story broken by our friends at Lambgoat.com, for the first time in its 15 year history, Brooklyn’s Iconic metal venue Saint Vitus Bar was shut down by order of The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). Citing a bunch of violations, the Mindforce show on February 16th was shut down in the middle of their show with Balmora, Godskinpeeler, xNOMADx, Discontent, and Gigan Animal Thugs, and they did not get to play. The promoter is hoping to rebook the show at a later date. Other shows, like last night’s SUMAC show on February 17th was moved to TV Eye in Bushwick. Thanks to the reporting of Lambgoat, we now know the citations for missing certificate and proper signage are the things the DOB has cited, but the venue has operated without incident for a decade and a half, as the home of underground metal shows in New York without equal. In addition to providing a constant home from underground Metal and Hardcore shows, special events such as Metal Band Craft Beer launches, Black Metal Yoga, gothy arts and crafts events, music documentary showings, and has hosted legendary events such as one of the few ever Nirvana reunions, and intimate shows Anthrax, Megadeth, Machine Head and more. Like many venues the band was shuttered during the global COVID-19 pandemic and fan supported crowdfunding kept them a float and led to a minor remodel of the club in the last few years. Ghost Cult has covered countless shows at Saint Vitus Bar, it has always been a safe, great place to see a show and it would seem some of these claims are without merit in our opinion. Why does the DOB show up at 8 PM on a Friday to close down a club? Not the police or the fire department. We will update this news as it develops and pray Saint Vitus Bar can reopen soon, since it is essential for bands in our scene. Watch the video of the moment the final show for now was canceled.

A document obtained from nyc.gov shows the nature of the bureaucratic discrepancies levied against the bar from the NYC Department of Buildings.

The complaint outlines a few issues, such as the absence of maximum occupancy signs, potential overcapacity, an outdated Certificate of Occupancy, and operating without a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (PACO).

The complaint reads:

As of Friday, September 22, 2023 the following are facts about 1120 Manhattan Avenue know to the public as Saint Vitus Bar: 1) Saint Vitus Bar does not have any maximum occupancy signs posted anywhere, and more often than not they host more people than their allotted maximum capacity. 2) Saint Vitus Bar’s most recent Certificate of Occupancy on file with the Department of Buildings does not allow it to operate as an eating/drinking establishment. There is no other Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of No Objection that supersedes their Certificate of Occupancy dated November 12, 1953. 3) Saint Vitus Bar is currently operating without a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (PACO). 4) Saint Vitus Bar was issued summons (see ECB Violation # 39090715Z) for ALTERED/CHANGE BUILDING OCCUPIED WITHOUT A VALID C OF O AS PER 28-118.3.1- 28-118.1-2. They have paid the penalty but have not corrected the situation. I will continue to make this complaint on a daily basis until either the Department of Buildings performs an inspection or until Saint Vitus Bar can remedy their situation.