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We got to 900k views on YouTube! Necrofier giveaway wrap-up, Liquid Death and e.l.f. cosmetics make-up tutorial, Necrot 5 Minute review of “Lifeless Birth” – Interviews with Necrot, Northlane, Gen and The Degenerates, Jeff Fabb (Black Label Society), Morbid Saint, Death Pose, and Zahn. Premieres from Epic Levels, Back From Zero, Shroud of Despondency, Masonic Wave, and OLAMOT, Happy Birthday Curtiss! Affiliate Partners: Lambgoat Media, Sticker Mule. Decibel Metal and Beer Festival, Roadburn incoming, Sick New World, Just Like Heaven Fest, Welcome To Rockville, Milwaukee Metalfest, Maryland Deathfest, BoozeCruise last sail with Jeff Rosenstock, No Values fest is 2 months out, Trapt sucks and is off Louder Than Life, Hawthorne Heights – is for lovers fest announced, System of A Down and Deftones fest in San Francisco, Dream Theater Books 40th anniversary tour, NYC Tattoo Fest is sold out, Pussy Riot charity appearnance, Anachronism EU tour, Architects new single and USA tour, Gen and Degenerates UK dates, The Last Martyr mini tour, The Warning new album and tour, Locrian EU tour, Death Pose and Feversleep EU tour, Wardruna world tour, Flotsam and Jetsam tour, Limp Bizkit tour is crazy, Wayfarer tour, Kathleen Hanna book signing and in conversation, Sebastian Bach to kick offf his tour, Record Store Day and DIY gigs come back to ThrillHouse Records, Biohazard to South America after Metal and Beerfest, Queens of The Stone Age last minute cancelation, Metallica Elton John cover streaming + New Blackened Whiskey + and Dixxon Flannel collabs, Neseblod burns down, Dawn of the Dead back in theaters, Jerry Cantrell loses and un-loses his most famous guitar, Seargent Thunderhoof is coming to America, new Exodus live album, thrash supergroup Catergory7, Brian Fair is not friending you on facebook, Maddie Watkins of Year of the Knife on Hardlore Podcast, New Music Friday, and HEALTH merch in our mailbag!

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