PODCAST: Glacially Musical 179 – High On Fire’s “Commeth The Storm” Reviewed and Gimme Metal Vinyl Unboxing

Time for a chaser episode! Let’s review and unbox @High On Fire’s new album “Cometh The Storm” out now via MNRK Heavy! Nik unboxes the vinyl variant from Gimme Metal and we tell the story of Gimme Radio! Nik is also unnecessarily mad at Keefy.

We will be back next week with more Queen!


Here is Keefy’s solo review of “Cometh The Storm!”

Here are Keefy’s two Ghost Cult Magazine EXCLUSIVE show playlists as a host of Gimme Metal!



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0:00 Intro Nik and Keefy Chancellor
2:09 Beer ✅ Nik – Surely Brewing and 4 Hands Brewing Voltron, Keefy – @liquiddeath2793 Severed Lime!
4:22 Vinyl ✅ Nik – @poison8111 – @alanparsonsproject – Heart – @billyjoel – @blacksabbath , Keefy – Landmine Marathon
15:20 ✅ News Nik – David Gilmour new single and album news, Keefy @KISS “Creatures of the Night reissue, @OfficialExhumed – @InFlames and @lambofgodofficial vinyl represses, @slipknot big deal news
30:42 Shirt ✅ Nik – @thedoors , Keefy – Dawn of The Dead
31:52 Meat ✅ High On Fire unboxing, track-by-rack, and top albums ranked!
1:09:00 ✅ Outro – Please like and subscribe! Tell your friends – we need the help!

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