EYE AM Shares Their New Single and Music Video for “Dreams Always Die With The Sun”


Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM just released their highly anticipated debut single, “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” out today June 2 on Corpse Paint Records a new Punk/Alt/Metal Record Company based out of Southwest Florida. The band features Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, Type-O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, as well as former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange. Along with the release of the single, streaming on all DSPs, the music video for “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” is out now!



Streaming Platforms: https://lnkfi.re/EyeAmBand


The music video, a perfect complement to the song, was shot and directed by Mike Holderbeast at the Joy Theatre in the heart of New Orleans. Mike was eager to hop on the opportunity and shared, “I’ve known Kirk and Todd for many years and have worked with them on projects for Crowbar and Down. I’ve been a huge Type-O Negative fan for years, so it was killer to work with Kenny and Johnny for the first time.”


Mike adds, “We shot at the Joy Theatre in the heart of New Orleans. A lot of bands have played there because it’s got cool vibes. The shoot went super smoothly, and it was a great experience, definitely one of the most fun videos I’ve shot. And for being a new project, the sound was incredibly organic and natural. You’d have thought these guys have been together for years!”



“Dreams Always Die With The Sun” is an original, organic song steeped in the hard rock heavy metal genre fueled by vocal, guitar-driven rock melody and harmonies. The song takes influence from the Beatles to Black Sabbath. Kenny Hickey had a melody in his head to start with and when the band came together it was easy to write lyrics to the song.



Kenny Hickey says the meaning behind the song, “The lyrics question the existence of an afterlife. Delusion is always shattered by reality.”



The songwriting partnership of Kenny Hickey and Kirk Windstein is especially powerful, as it combines the two powerhouses behind Type-O Negative, Crowbar, Down, Silvertomb, and more. The single was recorded in February and March 2023 with Less Than Jake’s Roger Lima at his studio, The Moat House Recording Studio and mixed and mastered by Jay Ruston, with more recording sessions scheduled and plans to tour in 2024.



The long-awaited song definitely lives up to expectations, featuring soaring vocals and heavy, sludgy riffs reminiscent of the best and heaviest desert rock. The layered vocals and doom song structure will have fans craving for more. There’s a lot of signature Crowbar and classic sensibilities here but with a decidedly modern twist.



Clocking in at almost four minutes long, the band did not skimp with this initial recording. While the band has been playing together in some form or another for decades, this is the first time this particular lineup has come together, and the results are astounding.




Kirk Windstein says about the track:


“For me, I just love jamming and writing songs with talented people. Of course, I’ve jammed with Todd Strange since the ‘80s, so I knew that would be great, but having the opportunity to get together with Kenny and Johnny was exciting! I was a little nervous at first, but once we started putting the song together, I had a great feeling we were on to something special! I love the song and can’t wait to write some more with these guys!”



Johnny Kelly:


“I loved getting together with some old friends! It was a lot of fun flying by the seat of my pants! I’m really happy with the way the song turned out. Kenny, Kirk and Todd really came through on this song. I hope everyone that hears it, likes it half as much as I do!



Todd Strange:


“What an opportunity to create music with a great group of guys. One of my favorite experiences in music to date!”



Kenny Hickey adds:


“Well, we didn’t really know what would happen when we got together. I had a few riffs and half-finished ideas, and I recorded them and sent them to Kirk and he wrote some ideas off of that. I think because we’re all around the same age, it echoes the music we grew up with, which was mostly ‘70s hard rock and metal. It has a classic rock quality to it. I hear some Hendrix in there as well. It’s really satisfying when you throw musicians and riffs into a pot then listen back to hear what comes out of it. It’s somehow less contrived sounding, I think. It could have also hit the wall and ended up a disaster, which adds an element of risk to it as well. But I think we came out with something really cool.”



Eye Am are a promising new band with a lot of potential. The band has a strong lineup of musicians who are all experienced and talented. Eye Am’s music is heavy, dark, and atmospheric. The band has a lot to offer fans of heavy metal, doom metal, and sludge metal.



Eye Am is planning to record an album at the end of June in New Orleans







About EYE AM:


EYE AM are a supergroup formed in 2023 featuring Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, as well as former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange.



Eye Am’s music is a mix of heavy metal, doom metal, and sludge metal. The band’s sound is characterized by its heavy guitars, distorted vocals, and slow, crushing rhythms. Eye Am’s lyrics often deal with dark themes such as death, despair, and addiction.



For more information on EYE AM, please visit:

Record Label: https://www.corpsepaintrecords.com/

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