ALBUM REVIEW: Undergang – De Syv Stadier Af Fordærv


Alright, all you sicko freaks – this rotting slab of stinking fetid metal is for you! Danish gore-hounds Undergang have been steadily churning out rotten meat since they formed back in 2008. Their latest offering, De Syv Stadier Af Fordærv (from the twin hit factories Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent), has plenty more inhuman vocals, grinding rhythms and caveman riffs.


If you’re a fan of the gore-grind genre, this album satisfyingly checks all the boxes.


Undergang crushes everything within their wake with seven new tracks and little more than twenty minutes of run time. While this album is heavy and relentless, there is enough variety within to keep the listener happy. There are also some slower plodding almost doom-like moments that happen throughout the recording. Just when you find yourself getting into a good skull-stomping groove, Undergang speeds it up again like a rusty chainsaw tearing through rotted flesh.



Undergang relishes being as heavy and sickening as possible. If you dig big monster caveman riffs, Undergang has got you covered here. Plenty of hammering guitars that will suck out your soul and spit it out on the floor, while the vocals on this album are deep, gurgling, and wonderfully inhuman sounding. You almost smell the putrid stench as D. Torturdød barfs out the lyrics.


No fancy avantgarde or technical wizardry effects here. Just sick and warped old-fashioned brutal death metal that will leave the sick feeling truly blessed.


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8 / 10