Moose Blood – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore

Off the back of the critically acclaimed sophomore record Blush, Canterbury quintet Moose Blood are back with a new record I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore (Hopeless). Kicking off with ‘Have I Told You Enough’, I was immediately taken with the musical approach by the band as the lead guitar motifs perfectly complemented the vocals, and the whole thing gave off a very warm summery tone. ‘Talk In Your Sleep’ picks up the pace a bit more and features the outstanding chorus of the entire record – an arena-ready anthem for sure. The breakdown towards the end was also a good addition to the feel of the song.

However, it was on the next song ‘Just Outside’ were the early promise begins to wane as the exact same guitar sounds and musical ideas are being reused in the exact same way. I have no issue with bands having a certain style of writing or playing. it just becomes a bit uninspiring to listen to when it is just track after track of the same thing.

Added to that, the vocals start to grate somewhat as the album continues. There is no clear range to them, no variation in feel or mood, and it all just becomes a bit, well, boring to listen to. Why not inject something where the choruses really begin to soar or a verse which is delivered in a different way to the rest of the song?

It’s a struggle to get through the latter half of the record, as each song blurs into one and the uninspired instrumentation really gives you nothing to sink your teeth into. ‘Promise Me’ is the one track and does offer something a bit different, particularly with its ending displaying element of post-rock, even if it doesn’t go anywhere.


You could say that this record “wasn’t for me”, but I don’t really look it at that way. I hear a band seemingly devoid of adventure, or interesting musical ideas who, instead, deliver boring and bland music.

Maybe it’s not just me that needs to get out of the comfort zone.