ALBUM REVIEW: Leprous – Aphelion

After two years of releasing the amazing album Pitfalls (Inside Out Music), the Norwegian Progressive Metal band Leprous comes back with an equally strong effort on their new album Aphelion (Inside Out Music). This is the kind of album that is released in what seems to be perfect timing, particularly for those who are going through some type of mental health issue. The quintet brings a variable set of songs that can capture both the passion and dexterity of the band in what seems to be a great year for Progressive Metal/Rock music.

The album consists of ten tracks that vary a lot from the traditional heavy passages that the band has always showcased but keeps expanding onto other genres like glimpses of Trip Hop and more popular genres. The overall talent of the band is undeniable, having very memorable guitar licks by both Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Robin Ognedal, complemented by heavy, interesting, and groovy rhythmic lines by both drummer Baard Kolstad and bass player Simen Børven, which dares you to sit, grab your instrument, and start jamming to their parts. As always, the highlight from any Leprous album is Einar Solberg’s vocals with his amazing range from low-end to high falsettos that can place him in the same conversation as great vocalists like Freddie Mercury.

My favorite tracks are ‘Out of Here’, ‘The Silent Revelation’, ‘On Hold’, and ‘Nighttime Disguise’ since these have the perfect combination of great song arrangement and lyrics that simply touch the soul. Having to deal with a lot of anxiety, particularly after everything we’ve been through in the past year, it’s comforting to know that someone else shares the same feeling and has the bravery to openly speak about its experience, which is what Solberg gets to achieve in this album. If you enjoyed Pitfalls (Inside Out Music), you will enjoy Aphelion (Inside Out Music), since they’re similar enough in the overall arrangement of music and concept of songs.

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