ALBUM REVIEW: Je Est Un Autre – Flatworm Mysticism

As one half of the infamous Funeral Doom Metal band Bell Witch, Dylan Desmond is a musician renowned for powerful and contemplative soundscapes and is no stranger for emotive music. Following from the band’s Patreon launch a couple of years ago, Desmond has since been prominently experimenting with Ambient, synth-led music in part made to accompany segments of films (as anyone who has seen Bell Witch live will attest to their use of visual artistry in their performances). A further result of this is this solo output Je Est Un Autre, with a moniker taken from quotes of surrealist poet Arthur Rimbaud which, unsurprisingly, is a deep thought-provoking piece.

Flatworm Mysticism (Cestrum Nocturnum) is arguably comparatively stripped back compared to the works of Bell Witch, overall driven by eerie and brooding synths and atmospherics throughout its five contained compositions. There is an almost deceptively minimalist approach and execution in part, such as the album opener “Ein Einziger Gendake” which adopts a melancholic drone-like state. The following “Time Of The Assassins” builds upon this sonic palette somewhat, proving more overtly dark with harsher, almost feedback-style noises which does bring the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Tangerine Dream to mind.

The remainder of the album follows in similar suit with subtle deviations, from the haunting tones of “Corpse Signal” through to the closing, more easing moments in “Death, The Musagetes”. With such an approach, it’s hard to pick out true highlighted spots, but what it does conjure is a mesmeric space that is easy to lose yourself within.

In striking sonic contrast for the music he is usually known for, the music that Desmond has provided here at least aligns in the notion of emotional resonance, even if it conveys differently. Flatworm Mysticism is a less demanding opus but one that portrays great, perhaps surprising depth and an immersion that will have you lost in both its soundscapes and your own thoughts and contemplation.

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8 / 10