ALBUM REVIEW: Häxanu – Greve – Naturmystik

When I received the news that I would cover a split between the US-based Häxanu and the Sweden-based Greve for review, I was immensely enthusiastic about it as I’ve always had high expectations of the craftsmanship of both Black Metal acts– all-round mystical, atmospheric, and heavy on belligerent blast beats. 

Häxanu is renowned for their acclaimed second full-length, Totenpass, which presents melodic Black Metal tunes that have a strong emphasis on the macabre.

Meanwhile, Greve: I’ve been digging Nordarikets strid for quite some time, and I indeed have always been some sort of a geek when it comes to the Swedish extreme metal scene. Besides that, to me Swartadauþuz – whom I’ve always seen as a man of a thousand projects – always comes up with mesmerizing surprises beyond expectations on all his projects, ranging from Bekëth Nexëhmü, Trolldom, Musmahhu, Azelisassath, Digerdöden, Mystik, Summum, and Daudadagr.

So of course, when Purity Through Fire collaborated with Amor Fati Productions on the release of a split between those two, entitled Naturmystik, I meticulously observed how far they could take the old-school Black Metal undertones on a modern attitude into the next level. 

Let’s start with Häxanu. On this split, they appear to be presenting a violent fury which also appears to be triumphant. Esoteric and cinematic on their own terms, these first four tracks of the record presented could also be suitable as a soundtrack for Kaurismäki’s darker sides of crime and thriller movies. While the opener “Mercy” tends to be calmer in rhythms, building up a profound ancient Black Metal nuance, there is also a more furious, soul-crushing side that Häxanu has to offer on the closing track “The Winged Chalice.”

On Greve’s part, I can automatically discern from the beginning that their materials are heavily inspired by the grand second wave Black Metal movement, as they have previously presented on Nordarikets strid as well. 

Incorporating vicious aggressions that are also symphonic, it’s almost like they’re inviting us into a journey of grimace into the infernal underworld. Not everyone can bear with the intensity that Greve offers as the purest form of their atmospheric, melancholic character, but the ones who do sure will genuinely enjoy this well-crafted dark sonic journey.

Overall, this split record is giving the nuance of a blend between Sargeist and Havukruunu  savagely profound and full of rage, but also melancholic and cinematic at times, and surely boundless.

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9 / 10