EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Ghost Next Door Shares a New Animated Music Video for “Diatribe”

California’s progressive metal band The Ghost Next Door have teamed up with Ghost cult to share the new animated video for their new single “Diatribe!” The track is the second single from their upcoming new album Classic Songs of Death and Dismemberment, due for release on June 21st, 2024 via the great Ripple Music! The new album will be available via CD/Digital formats. Pre-orders are live now at the links below. Prepare to be mesmerized by the video for Diatribe” right now!

Gary Wendt (Sacrilege BC and Skinlab) comments:

“This song is actually one, if not THE favorite song of mine on the album. Not just in composition, but on how the mix came together as a whole. The song is, again, about our suicidal race — a theme common in my lyrics. We actively destroy that what keeps us alive. I mean, we’re all guilty of it on some level, we waste food and energy. We litter the streets with indestructible plastic. Then we buy more junk to try and make us feel better. Our resources are finite. Once they’re gone and all the bees are dead, we’re fucked! It’ll look like that place in Fury Road where the people are walking around on stilts! The main criminals, however are the big industries, and they aren’t going to change. Unless, of course we stop giving them our money.”


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Or get your digital AND physical pre-orders WORLDWIDE @ https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/

Based in Berkeley, California, The Ghost Next Door emerged from a desire to marry the dark melancholy of 80s and 90s alternative with the aggression and drive of Bay Area metal. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist Gary Wendt, the trio has come together as a strong force within the Bay Area’s underground metal scene over the past decade. Fueled by their inextinguishable sonic fire and meticulous exploration of the metal realm through searing metallic riffs, convoluted songcraft and magnetic vocals, “Classic Songs of Death and Dismemberment” is a dark, heady and progressive 13-track that should appeal to fans of everything from A Perfect Circle and Boss Keloid to Testament.

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