ALBUM REVIEW: Drug Church – Hygiene

Drug Church have become somewhat of a cult band over the past few years since the release of their seminal album, Cheer back in 2018. The question on everyone’s lips is whether they can keep up their momentum with their fourth album, Hygiene (Pure Noise).

Not wasting any time with drawn-out introductions, the Los Angeles-based quintet goes straight into what makes punk music great. Fast-paced riffs take the centre stage for the opening track, ‘Fun’s Over’. Unlike what the song’s title implies. The fun has just begun.

Highlight of the album, ‘Detective Inspector’ begins with a post-punk styled bass line while vocalist, Patrick Kindlon sings along sardonically. Sonically, the verses aren’t too dissimilar to the likes of Idles, but the mark of Drug Church’s iconic sound remains prominent throughout. Even through the sardonic nature of the song, Kindlon’s passion can’t be ignored as he yells “I won’t toss away what I love” into the void.

‘Million Miles of Fun’ shows the other side of the punk outfit. Using more of a poppy instrumentation as a backdrop to the lyrics which once again take to the front stage of the piece. Kindlon disdainfully talks about “The way the world works, wonder will it amount to anything at all.” A bleak message that a lot of people can truly relate to.


In under half an hour, Drug Church have done what a lot of other bands can’t accomplish in an hour’s work. There’s no filler to be found, just refined punk rock music in its very core essence. Taking on the melodic sound from Cheer, Drug Church have cemented their sound and refined it. In a just world, this’ll be the album that’ll in turn take the band to another level.


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7 / 10