ALBUM REVIEW: Bob Vylan – Humble As The Sun

It’s been a wild few years for the Grime Punk hybrid duo, Bob Vylan, managing to pull out two of the most hard-hitting albums 2 years on the trot in the form of We Live Here and Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life. Displaying a range of venom and blunt wordplay that’s not been seen in the UK scene in years. The two-piece seem to not have faltered either, less than two years since the release of The Price of Life and the band are back at it again with the fourth album in their discography Humble As The Sun (Ghost Theatre Records) “This album is for the underdogs, the ones who come out swinging and those who refuse to bed defeated in the name of injustice.” stated Bobby Vylan. Clearly, from this mindset behind the new album, not a lot has changed since the previous release. How will Humble As The Sun stack up against such a high-caliber discography attained by the duo?

Beginning with none other than the title track, Bob Vylan opted for a more relaxed track instrumentally to introduce the album. Bobby Vylan adopting a spoken word cadence for the song, as Bobby spits bars, only an organ, and a light drumbeat can be heard behind him, showcasing Vylan’s talent and rhythm, “Humble As The Sun” is unlike the majority of the tracks on the prior two albums, but it acts as a breath of fresh air for the band, showcasing the true variety of the duo’s talents. Towards the end of the track, the band, are joined by what will be the only featured artist on the album, JERUB, performing backup vocals behind Vylan escalating the sound to a whole new level.

Bob Vylan have always expertly toed the line between grime and punk, but never have they walked across that line as expertly than in their track, “Right Here.” Dingy guitar riffs mark the backdrop for the song, as synthy bass plucks adding to the funk-laden beat. Meanwhile, Vylan’s flow comes off smooth and spontaneous, at one point a bar spat out reminiscent of Nicki Minaj in the best way violent. The backing vocals chanting “Right Here, Right Now” adds layers to the song, can just imagine the live reception that bouncy tracks like this will bring at festivals. The production as a whole, has also been turned up to another level for the band, creating this crisp sound that whilst still retaining this raw grungy feel, feels equally professional and high quality. 


“He’s The Man” shows the band’s humour fully at work, going up against the gammon forces, with references to the original cast of Top Gear and other buzz terms the right-wing use. The band truly hit home with the song with the over-the-top sardonic approach to the chorusHe’s A Man, Yeah He’s A Proper Man, A Proper Manly Man.” This injection of sarcasm and wit adds so much to the band and who doesn’t need to laugh whilst going head-first into your nearest mosh pit.

The band are 3 for 3 now for albums, it truly is crazy how Bob Vylan in such a short margin of time have been able to create these unique albums, that gets straight to the zeitgeist of the problems and the conditions of living in the UK. To do all that, whilst equally displaying a range of sounds that seamlessly work together and hit hard as they do, truly show Bob Vylan as one best acts in the country. Make sure you see them in your local venues quickly because if anything is right in the world, Bob Vylan won’t be there for too long.

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9 / 10