Los Angeles-based act Æges is a genre-defying group of guys that are turning heads in multiple music scenes. This budding band has flourished in the last few years because they have a remarkable ability to avoid being pigeonholed. Now, this ear-catching gang is ready to independently release their fourth full-length album, Drømmen (Self-Released). The animation and spirit presented on their last release, Weightless (Another Century), which came out in 2016, is taken to a deeper level on this new record. They are showcasing their exploration of new energy by making some real, heartfelt pieces.

The opening track, ‘Drifter’, immediately ignites a colorful intensity of sound and strength. The delectable sultriness that is quickly presented on this track is cleverly carried throughout the entire album. The guitars greet you with a heated happiness. There’s an upbeat sway to each movement and a weight of sensibility which gives a prosperous balance on each song. Their vocal arrangements are hard-hitting, bright, and persuasive. Dave Grohl would be proud of frontman Kemble Walters’ ability to proclaim with such an earnest and pleasant punk edge. The album is sprinkled with a pop sound full of heart and melody. Then a thick, sludgy sensation will take over and the music becomes distinctly rough with a very attractive attitude. There are pleasing moments when the guitar’s rhythmic pulse and energy are similar to that of The Melvins or Soundgarden.

The second track, ‘Pain’ is seasoned in some very engaging grooves and then marinated with heavenly heavy hooks. Their blend of rock and pop is a beautiful balance of dirty distortion and catchy choruses. As the listener hits the middle of the record, it’s obvious a lot of love and care was thrown into making this record. ‘Believer’ strikes you with its emotional presentation of discussing matters of the heart. Each song shares about life and how extraordinary reality can be. This troop of fellas knows how to conjure a mammoth-sized sound while still being sensitive and purposeful. The final tune, ‘A Room Full of Mirrors’ really conveys their ability to take these profound, angsty thoughts and present them in a sincere way. Drømmen is a distinctive, lively album that hits you in the feels. It’s a solid listen that makes you want to dance and to contemplate about life.