INTERVIEW: Anadivine Revisit Their “Zoo” Album 20 Years Later and Their New Reissue

Anadivine from Kingston, NY have been gaining cult status over the years as one of the finest melodic prog-tinged emo punk bands of the early 00s. As someone who grew up friends with the band and who also helped shape the Hudson Valley alternative scene myself, I still objectively think some of Anadivine’s sophisticated melody-laced songs like “Capitol Arrangement”, “Dangerous Mixed With” or “Filling The Lungs (Of This Dead Machine)” remain some of the best rock to emerge from the region. “The Timid Gentleman” still proves Anadivine had some of the best hooks around. Twenty summers have passed since the band released their full-length effort Zoo, a time when Coheed & Cambria, Three, my old Nu/Post-hardcore band Divest, Anadivine, Shai Hulud, and more were all playing to growing crowds and gaining steam in the region. 

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