The Coming of Winter – Morne


December in New England is a special time. The beautiful autumn colors have fallen to rust and the desperate preparation for the inevitable burial under literal feet of snow in the coming months is at the forefront of our residents minds. Seasonally, it is truly the calm before the storm. The time just before nature cleanses itself with decay so it can be reborn in spring. This December will also mark the third annual show during this time from one of our heaviest bands, Morne. Specifically, December 12, 2015, at Great Scott in Allston, MA. The show is aptly named, The Coming of Winter”.

Morne plays locally only about twice a year and The Coming of Winter has become a sort of call to the crowds to come out and celebrate the upcoming new year. It’s also a chance for the band to book their own show with bands they want to play with. For Morne, it isn’t simply a show with bands that you have seen a thousand times. I got a chance to ask founding band members, singer/guitarist Milosz Gassan, and bassist Max Furst, why they put this on every December and what it is that makes the show important to them.

Morne, by Hillarie Jason

I want it to become a thing that I’d like to go to. Something that isn’t just another show that happens every other weekend with the same 10 bands…” explained Gassan. “Something that brings recognition to music and art done without rushing, trying to ‘make it.’ I see it as a special night for us. It’s an event that brings some sort of fulfilling emotion. We aren’t set to play one hometown show a year but we like to keep it to a minimum which makes every show a special event for us and not make us a ‘house band.’ I don’t feel any reason or need to play every show we can. I think that is what makes me approach it with some special feeling. We do tours where we play 30-40 shows night after night but that is something different. You play every night in a different town, different venue. Playing often in your own hometown brings a routine to it and you start to feel numb. I think some people feel this way about the same local bands playing every other week, getting on every opening slot for touring bands. I just don’t like when local bands play too often. It takes away the special aspect of it.”

Booking our own show gives us the ability to select where we play and who we play with. The Coming of Winter is a chance for us to gather with our friends in our hometown and share the stage with some local bands we respect and enjoy.” commented Furst. “This will be the third year we have organized a gig of these sorts, but since it’s become somewhat of a tradition we have decided to give it a formal name and identity. The past two years have proven to be a success so we’re hoping to keep it rolling. Hopefully it will grow in time.”

With all the things you have to do in December, whether it be shopping, spending time with family and friends or simply reflecting upon the past year, The Coming of Winter is something worth penciling into your schedule. I asked Milosz what was special to him about the show being held in December and why they have chosen that month for these shows. “Well, I think fall/winter in general is better for heavy music. I think people are more focused then too, I am. It’s right when seasons change.”