Listen to Drowse Cover “Wait And Bleed” by Slipknot

Drowse have put a decidedly electronic spin on the titanic first Slipknot hit song from their 1999 selt-titled debut album, “Wait And Bleed.” The song appears on the forthcoming nu metal comp from The Flenser, Send the Pain Below, attribute to NuMetal and 1990s nostalgia. The comp is only available to on vinyl to subscribers of their Series Three membership club. Previously released covers include tracks by Vile Creature, Chat Pile, and Wreck & Reference. Check it out now!

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Watch This Incredible Cover Of Slipknot’s Wait And Bleed Played On A Cello


Slipknot is currently on a break, working on a new album for 2018, and allowing their various members time to work on other projects. In the meantime check out this amazing cover of their classic track ‘Wait And Bleed’ played on a cello by the mysterious Celloshredder. We don’t know anything else about him, but he clearly rules. Watch it below:Continue reading