ALBUM REVIEW: The Riven – Peace and Conflict

I’ve always pictured the Stockholm-bound The Riven as the Swedish version of Thulsa Doom – similar vibes, similar undertones, and similar upbeat resonances. The RIven, as far as I observe, has always been influenced by the sounds from the golden age of classic rock; the 1970s and 1980s. Their sounds are genuinely hard-hitting, sharp-shooting, and they appear to be the kind of sounds that would make you want to headbang as the exciting memories in your head replay themselves in retrospect whilst you listen to them. In terms of genre classification, they might pass as heavy blues rock with progressive, psychedelic, and classical influences and a strong emphasis on menacing riffs as well as vigorous vocals. 

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Thulsa Doom – A Keen Eye for the Obvious

The issue with Thulsa Doom’s A Keen Eye for the Obvious (Stickman) is the same I share with regards possible “significant others”: lack of commitment. In Thulsa Doom’s case, they have produced a rock album that doesn’t want to fully embrace gritty riffs and hot leads and that doesn’t become totally engulfed in catchy melodies. As far as my shortcomings, I don’t need long-term relationships. My cats and I are doing just fine.Continue reading