Black Lung – Ancients

Those familiar with Baltimore acid-Blues combo The Flying Eyes may be blissfully unaware that two of that happy breed make up the larger share of an outfit bearing the name Black Lung. This darker-sounding trio, however, is no maelstrom of evil hostility, and has more in common with the parent band than the moniker might suggest.Continue reading

Black Rainbows Streaming “The Prophet” Music Video, Euro Tour Dates

black rainbows hawkdope european tour

Black Rainbows is streaming their new music video for “The Prophet,” from their upcoming album Hawkdope, out March 17, 2015 via Heavy Psych Sounds, here.

The band formed in 2005 and has six releases out now including a four-way split featuring Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes. The band proudly cites Nebula, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer and the MC5 as particular favorites and influences.

Black Rainbows is Gabriele Fiori on guitar and vocals; Alberto Croce on drums; Dario Iocca on bass.

The nine tracks on Hawkdope are

1. “The Prophet”
2. “Wolf Eyes”
3. “Hawkdope”
4. “No Fuel No Fun”
5. “Hypnotize My Soul With Rock N’ Roll”
6. “Waiting For The Sun”
7. “Jesusjudge”
8. “Killer Killer Fuzz”
9. “The Cosmic Picker”

Black Rainbows European Tour Itinerary

Mar 06: Init Club – Rome (IT) “HAWKDOPE Release Party”
Mar 18: Freak Out – Bologna (IT)
Mar 19: Bruch Bros – Luzern (CH)
Mar 20: Bluebox Skate Park – Augsburg (DE)
Mar 21: Plufest – Nijmegen (NL)
Mar 22: Glazart – Paris (FR)
Mar 23: Vortex – Siegen (DE)
Mar 24: Cafè Tiko – Erfurt (DE)
Mar 25: Sto – Leipzig (DE)
Mar 26: Dustown Fest – Berlin (DE)
Mar 27: Coq D’or – Olten (CH)
Mar 28: Gaswerk – Winterthur (CH)
Mar 29: Magnolia – Milano (IT)
Apr 10: Galactus Fest – Helsinki (FI)
Apr 11: Woodsock/Rockstar’s – Tallin (EE)
Apr 28: North Italy (IT)
Apr 29: DE
Apr 30: Nurnberg (DE)
May 01: Sudwerk – Bozen (IT)
May 02: Rockhouse – Salzburg (AU)
May 03: Rumpeltum – St Gallen (CH)
May 04: PMK – Innsbruck (AU)
May 05: Graf Hugo – Feldkirch (AU)
May 06: Altroquando – Zerobranco (IT)
Jun 04: UK
Jun 05: UK
Jun 06: Oxford (UK)
Jun 07: UK
Jun 08: -The Macbeth – London (UK)
Aug 01: -Fuzztastic Fest – Drama (GR)

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