Die So Fluid – One Bullet from Paradise

Starting out life as alternative rockers Feline in 1995, renaming as Ultraviolet after getting dropped by EMI in 1998, and finally forming as a heavier outfit in 2000, we have Die So Fluid. Fusing alternative rock and metal together towards one melancholic whole, Die So Fluid’s latest studio album One Bullet From Paradise (Strataville) is their fifth and comes after a traumatic time for the three-piece. Drummer Al Fletcher passed away two years ago after contracting pneumonia followed by sepsis, Georgina ‘Grog’ Lisee (vocals and bass) and Drew Richards (guitar) decided to soldier on with the help of Justin Bennett on drums. Continue reading

Die So Fluid Announce New Album, New Music Coming Soon

Die So Fluid has spent the last year making new music, making their rabid fans happy with a Pledge Music campaign, and picking up the pieces after the 2016 untimely passing of their beloved friend & drummer Al Fletcher. Now armed with a new album One Bullet From Paradise, the duo returns on March 30th via the Strataville label. Continue reading